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Physical Appearance

The Hui are short, stocky, and hirsute; they are possibly descendents of a mix of human and Dwarven blood. Their skin is ruddy and their hair is normally red or brown; men begin to go bald at the end of adolescence.

Homeland and Resources

Along with the Shay peoples, Hui are the original inhabitants of Vulth-torgu, and some might still be found there, hiding underground. Others have travelled to Botha or Dhuria in search of new allies, opportunities, and underground resources.


Traditionally Hui live in clans, but in recent decades many clans have been dismantled.


Despite their thick-set bodies, the Hui have very dexterous hands and are often excellent craftsmen, especially with leather and all kinds of metal. Some Hui weaponsmiths have achieved almost legendary status, but their fate is unknown.


Most Hui worship Iorak, smith of the gods.

Values and Traditions


Hui speak the common man speech, Shay, as well as some Erlin which is very useful for trading.

Art and Architecture

Hui prefer to live underground or in villages close to mountains with underground complexes.

Clothing and Decorations


Politics and Warfare

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