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Description: The Jineri have fair skin with a golden or yellowish tint. Eyes are usually brown or hazel, with a small overlap of skin over the inner corner. They have little body hair, and scalp hair is always thick and straight, usually black but sometimes streaked with silver or white after puberty. They are well suited to life in the tropical jungle. Jineri tribal society is deeply rooted in numerous traditions, rituals, and ceremonies, and perhaps for this reason they are considered a superstitious people.

Stats: See the Master Race Chart.
Lifespan: 80 years.
Homeland: Dalov Cor.
Status: (1+2d10)/3 rounded down.
Outfitting: Two weapons, helm, shield, one suit of armor (AT 5-10, AT 13-14, or AT 17), 1 Curfalaka, 1 Milinka, 1 Taline, 20 Raman, and 50+1d100 silver pieces.
Languages: Singpho (8/4) and Erlin (5/0).
Secondary Skills: Distribute 10 ranks among the following skills: Dancing, Skinning, Tale Telling, Divination, Drug Tolerance.

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