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Description: The Loari ('Builders') have raven-black hair. Eye color can be brown, grey-blue or hazel, and their complexion is fair—even pale. While the Loari may appreciate nature, they seek to unlock its hidden secrets rather than enjoy it in its untouched state. Seeking power and the ability to craft, they are the forgers of great kingdoms. The Loari are unmatched in science, architecture, and technology, and their weapons, armor, and magical devices are unsurpassed among the contemporary peoples. The Loari egos are also without match, but they rarely seek to dominate others, content as they are with being superior.

Note on Elves: All full-blood Elves (Erlini and Iylari) have the following special attributes:
• Natural night vision allows perfect sight in equivalent to a normal clear night, 30' on overcast night or dim light.
• Acute eyesight and hearing grants a permanent +20 to Perception skill.
• +10 to Stalking/Hiding skill (essentially a 'hotfix' to offset the elven penalty to SD).
• Resistance to natural cold and heat: can function as if temperatures were 30°F/17°C warmer or colder than actual.

Stats: See the Master Race Chart.
Lifespan: Immortal.
Homeland: Dalov Ram and Ran Tairi.
Status: (10+2d10)/3 rounded down.
Outfitting: Two +5 weapons, helm, shield, one suit of +5 armor (AT 5-19), 1 Cicala, 1 Kiva, 1 Inexes, 2 Morou, 20 Akbutege, 1 Nya, and 20+1d100 gold pieces.
Languages: Loariki (8/8), Erlin (6/6), and one of the following (5/2): Shay, Taal, Kanembu, Singpho, or Iylar.
Secondary Skills: Distribute 10 ranks among the following skills: Alchemy, Architecture, Basic Math, Engineering, Leadership.

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