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Midlertidig tekst!

Less of a realm than a region, Wuliris has never seen a united government — this partly due to the rugged terrain and chilly climate which pervades this coastal land. A place of grassy slopes falling steeply to frigid inlets and fjords, Wuliris is a countryside difficult to tame. Glacial activity carved Wuliris like a soft cheese, leaving its long, angled rigs and windswept plateaus. Now her only residents are stoic arctic men and their flocks of goats and sheep. The torkaan of the Mur Fostisyr have been imported here and thrive in this relatively welcoming clime. The ocean is turbulent off the Wuliris coast, and treacherous ice floes bar the inlets nearly year-round. Hundreds of small isles lurk amidst the misty, grinding icebergs, but it is hard to tell what is solid ground and what is floating ice.

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