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 Midlertidig tekst! Midlertidig tekst!
 +Less of a realm than a region, Wuliris has never seen a united
 +government โ€” this partly due to the rugged terrain and chilly climate which
 +pervades this coastal land. A place of grassy slopes falling steeply to frigid
 +inlets and fjords, Wuliris is a countryside difficult to tame.
 +Glacial activity carved Wuliris like a soft cheese, leaving its long,
 +angled rigs and windswept plateaus. Now her only residents are stoic arctic
 +men and their flocks of goats and sheep. The torkaan of the Mur Fostisyr
 +have been imported here and thrive in this relatively welcoming clime.
 +The ocean is turbulent off the Wuliris coast, and treacherous ice floes
 +bar the inlets nearly year-round. Hundreds of small isles lurk amidst the
 +misty, grinding icebergs, but it is hard to tell what is solid ground and what
 +is floating ice.
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