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-====== Adriano Castigliano ======+====== Adriano Monaldo Castigliano ======
 **Race/Nationalitet:** Melurian **Race/Nationalitet:** Melurian
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 **Profession:** none **Profession:** none
-**Har truffet:**[[sw:pcs:francis_salamanca|Francis "Salamanca" Castigliano]] [[sw:pcs:Valkor Leartes]], [[sw:pcs:sir_elor_blake|Elor Blacke]] og [[sw:pcs:toshiro_asahoshi|Toshiro Asahoshi]] +**Har truffet:** [[sw:pcs:francis_salamanca|Francis "Salamanca" Castigliano]][[sw:pcs:Valkor Leartes]], [[sw:pcs:sir_elor_blake|Elor Blacke]] og [[sw:pcs:toshiro_asahoshi|Toshiro Asahoshi]] 
 **Sidst set omkring:** [[sw:map:meluria|Meluria]] **Sidst set omkring:** [[sw:map:meluria|Meluria]]
 === Karakter info === === Karakter info ===
-Søn af [[sw:pcs:francis_salamanca|Francis "Salamanca" Castigliano]] og Adelasia Castigliano+Søn af [[sw:pcs:francis_salamanca|Francis "Salamanca" Castigliano]] og Adelasia Castigliano. Født i 6068
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