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Conan the Hunk

(Saralin, Fighter) Thore Gjørup
Level: 5 * 26 Sep 6028 + 17 May 6052
Mottos/Quotes: “Det er bedst for gruppen jeg holder sværdet”
History: Conan was a quite famous warrior, travelling most of Jaiman for quite a few years, making many freinds and many enemies. Conan was never rearly forgotten as some of his quotes went into history. Conan was also a greedy man, and greed was just what got him in the end. A tomb in central U-lyshak sealed for hundreds of yars full of warnings of a unspeakable evil inside. Nevertheless Conan opned the tomb and went in to find the precious gold, instead he found a Giant Skeleton waiting, his companinon Fistand had warned him but to no avail. The Giant Skeleton slew them both.

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