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Dolovinci Artrides

(Zori, Bounty Hunter) Jacob Tvede
Level: 3 * 09 Jan 6028 + 05 Apr 6052
Aka: Dole, Dolo
Mottos/Quotes: “I`ll find them” “I am good at tracking “
History: Dolovinci Artrides was born in the town of Fenlon by a poor farmer family, Dolovinci belived that he shoud be a farmer like his father, but at the age of ten his parrrents were murded by the vicious criminal Ra'gaal Yarken II. It was a great loss for Dolovinci and his entire life broke down, at the funeral dolovinci svore a vengence by his parrents grave, and started training so he could be able to slay Ra'gaal. at his 18 years brithday Dolovinci left his Uncle I'giir Artrides and ventured towards Lethys. two years later Dolovinci caught Ra'gaal in a tavern and wanted to charge him but instead he sat down besides him and asked if he might buy him a drink, Ra'gaal did not recognize Dolovinci and asked him why he would buy a beer to total stranger, Dolovinci told Ra'gaal that he han just inherited some money from his Uncle, and wanted to please some strangers because his Uncle had always been such a greedy man. Ra'gaal started drinking and after drinking several tankards of beer he stumbled down from the chair and fell asleep, Dolovinci picked him up and took him outside to a small stream where he threw water on him, Ra'gaal woke up started yelling at Dolovinci, but Dolovinci slowly drew his grim dagger, Ra'gaal who was too drunk to be able to defend himself cried for mercy, but Dolovinci stabbed him once and said “This is for my mother” and once more “This is for my father” and the third time he cut his throat and slowly said “And this is for me, and my long pain”. Dolovinci then tried to hide the corps, and traveled towards Haal'kaitaine, on the way Dolovinci found a wanted poster staring Ra'gaal Yarken II, rewarding 200 Gold coins, for him dead or alive. This started Dolovinci's bounty hunting carrer. He soon joined a party of impulsive adventures, and traveled along with them for a year or too, before he met his doom in a cave belonging to the malevolent shade demon Yri'gaar Nefa'tel the party enterd the cave because a Gnoll known as Ludvig den Grønne said that this cave had vast amounts of gold and magic items, in the beginning the demon's henchmen were easily overcome but as the party went further down into the cave the opposition got harder and harder, but suddenly it stopped Elor the archer said that this was a bad omen, but Fimguard told the rest that this was just because the demon was running low on henchmen, so the party continued down till they met a huge bras door, Gailin forced the door open and the party entered the demons throne room, here on a throne of skulls the mighty demon Yri'gaar Nefa'tel sat laughing the party entered the room telling Yri'gaar to surrender his treasures to them or else he would feel the wrath of this party, suddenly Yri'gaar stoped laughing stood up, and walked towards the party, Dolovinci went forward with his sword drawn, Yri'gaar suddenly drew a spear and threw it agains Dolovinci it struck him in his abdomen and continued through him into Conan the Hunk's leg. Dolovinci stumbled a few feet them fell dead on the ground. the party engaged Yri'gaar in combat but soon realized that Yri'gaar was too powerfull to them, and they had to find a way to escape, but no one wanted to hold back Yri'gaar while the others fled, suddenly Dolovinci got up he was not dead but severly wounded, he stumbled towards Yri'gaar, and the rest of the party saw their chance to run, and they did. Dolovinci was soon killed for good by Yri'gaar Nefa'tel, who used his skull for his throne.

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