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Haakon Asbjøensøn

(Garlon man, Bashkar) Tobias Thisted
Level: 1 * 07 Feb 6033 + 04 jul 6052
Aka: Lillebror
Mottos/Quotes: “Whooooooop……“SPLAT!!
History: Haakon the youngest brother of two, went adventuing with his dad and older brother, he actually never experienced the sweet life of adventuring, when he in his first encounter ever, charged the goblins with his mighty halbard, Haakon did not notice a little rock on the ground, he steped on it, lost balance, fell and crushed his skull and was impailed on his own halbard, Haakons death was quick and brutal, never had Jaiman seen a so unlucky guy, and hopefully never will again.

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