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Kanjaro Varuom

(Jameri, Bashkar) Lars Henriksen
Level: 2 * 22 Jan 6028 + 02 Nov 6051
Aka: Suresen
Mottos/Quotes: “Hold kæft eller dø”, “du er færdig makker”
History: No one really understood Kanjaro, he was perhaps not of the most social type, but a good warrior, of curse he sometimes attacked his companions, but that was probably because of his bad sight. Kanjaro was murdered by a dark conspiracy amongst his companions, two of the most sneaky and cunning types; Fimguard Gallahad and Dolovinci artrides, ambushed him when he was peacefully (for once) asleep, poked his eyes out and cut his throat, and after that they ate his still warm liver, what made Fimguard and Dolovinci do is still not known, only one thing is known for sure, Knajaros soul craves for revenge.

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