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Kar Lerik

(Talath, Bashkar) Mads Sørensen
Level: 5 * 14 Oct 6029 + 20 Dec 6051
Aka: Kalle, skvat, skovl, sinke m.m.
Mottos/Quotes: “Hva'ba??”,“Du er godt nok dum hva' “
History: Kar Lerik was a great guy, nice to his friends but terrifying to his enemies, he stood almost 7 feet, and armed with a huge sword. Kar was well known for his bad temper, often when in a clash against foul forces, Kar would enter a state of immense rage, and charge his enemies headlong, Then nothing could stop him, that would be a clean strike to his forehead, he had many of those, but Kar did not care, he was a warrior and a great warrior indeed. But one day together with two friends in a camp, just north of Norek, a malevolent Sliggurth ambushed the peaceful camp Kar and Klostodox attacked the Sliggurth, while Elor tried to gun it down with his remarkable missile skill, Elor got the bastard, but unfortuanetely the Sliggurth had by that time vaporised Kar Lerik, and blown Klostodox head to tiny pieces. Kar was strong, now Kar is dead!!

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