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Loke Sursøn

Garlon man, Barbarian) Tobias Thisted
Level: 3 * 18 Aug 6032 + 05 Dec 6053
History: Brother of Leif and Balder, Loke came from Jomsborg as his brothers and, vent adventuring. Balder soon gave up as had very very poor eyesight, thus he was also known as Balder the blind. Loke adventured quite some time around but one day fate caught up with him and three companions he was travelling with. The three was ambushed by a group of Garks in southern U-Lyshak not fra from the Remiriaith forrest. The figt was fierce and in the beginning it seemed like the party would survive, but when Picard fell but a lucky blow from a big Gark Loke was quickly rushed and clubed to death. Nasty Stuff.

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