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Lord Soth

(Erlini, Enchanter) Jeppe Thisted
Level: 1 * 17 Aug 6017 + 18 Mar 6052
Aka: Den sure elver
Mottos/Quotes: “Skrid!!” “Fis af, jeg tænker”
History Lord soth was a angry Erlini, rather strange actually since Erlinies normally are very cheerfull fellows, Lord Soth also had a peculiar name…. who would call the son Lord Soth??? hardly a elven family, so our scribes started searching for Lord Soth's real name. We belive we found it, when a Erlini came to us, regarding our search for Lord Soth's name, He told us that he was Lord Soth's brothe Starflux Moonpax, and that Lord Soth's rearl birth name was Melvin Moonpax….????, prehaps that explains why Lord Soth was such a crummy fellow. Anyway Lord Soth traveled with a group of adventures for about 14 days, then he was then slain by a visious warband led by a Lugroki known as Rhaguul Elfbita. The party destroyed Rhaguul's warband, but unfotuneatly Rhaguul escaped, and is now considering becomming a poet in Stonehold, if the Gnolls want him that is.Lord Soth's body was forgotten by the rest of the party when they left the battle scene, so Lord Soth's body was eaten by a farmer's dogs. According to our information nobody from the party liked Lord soth. Neither did the rest of Jaiman

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