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Sheldon Aquatyr

Spiller: Rasmus Panum Sørensen
Fødselsdag: 26-11-6018. (Delphi - Tanara )
Race/Nationalitet: Shuluri
Profession: Arms Master
Aka: Shelly, Shellfish, Klegon
Mottos/Quotes: “Stå lige stille når jeg maler dig!”

Details of death: Sheldon came from the sea and joined a gruop of adventures on a quest to Meluria and find a hidden Treasure, buried there by a visious pirate years before. In a small town called Lilja in Meluria a book was stolen from the local monestary as the party was in the neighbourhood. The group decided to help the clerics and priests regain their holy book (The book according to legend was given to the first monk of the order 75 years ago by none other that Quen himslef). As the group tracked the thief from the monestary and out into the Melurian wilderness, they encounted Lugroki tracks, the group decided to follow the Lugrokies, this side-track led the group straight into a band of Lugrokies who demanded that the group “pissed off”. This angerd many from Sheldons party including himself and the group charged the Lugrokies. What happend nex was that the Lugrokies drew thir longbows and fired a deadly barrage against the advancing adventures. Ke'Sindil -Sheldons freind form the party was struck in the head and killed. Others was badly mangled by the brutal assult. Sheldon was not hit and charged on accompanied by the mighty warrior Malim Naruum. The Lugrokies fired their arrows again and two arrows struck Shldon this time. Both shots were fatal and Sheldon fell, dying within a minute. Malim could do nothing as a arrow had struck his shoulder and leg crippeling him. The Lugrokies laughed and went away leaving the mangled party to the wolves. The rest of the party managed to get back to Lilja where Sheldon was burried next to his dead freind Ke'Sindil.

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