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Herax Mixaz

Spiller: Jesper V
Fødselsdag: 10-10-6040. (Loki Village, Lu'Nak)
Race/Nationalitet: Haid
Profession: Duelist

Details of death: Not many people knew this fierce Haid form the cold north. on a trip towards Rhakhaan a group of adventureres met Herax in the eastern U-Lyshak, and he followed them as he was looking for a battle. Soon after Rubio found tracks of Garks nad the group investigated. They forund a gark cave and decided that the Garks was easily overcomed. The group charged in and started hacking. Herax with his two handaxes choped several garks before a big gark struck him in the head and crushed his skull. The rest of the party continued into the cave to destroy the rest of the Garks. Herax body was left somewhere in the Gark cave when the party left -continuing on their way to Rhakhaan.

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