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Description: The Linæri ('Singers') possess golden-blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. They are tall and graceful, generally slender of build but strong. Most Linæri prefer natural spaces to structures, if they build homes they are always airy, open designs filled with light and warmth. The Linæri are the more philosophical of the Iylari, and they seek higher knowledge for its own sake rather than for practical uses. True to their name, the Linæri are as a rule a musical people. All children are taught to sing at the same time they are instructed in language.

Note on Elves: All full-blood Elves (Erlini and Iylari) have the following special attributes:
• Natural night vision allows perfect sight in equivalent to a normal clear night, 30' on overcast night or dim light.
• Acute eyesight and hearing grants a permanent +20 to Perception skill.
• +10 to Stalking/Hiding skill (essentially a 'hotfix' to offset the elven penalty to SD).
• Resistance to natural cold and heat: can function as if temperatures were 30°F/17°C warmer or colder than actual.

Stats: See the Master Race Chart.
Lifespan: Immortal.
Homeland: Ran Tairi.
Status: (10+2d10)/3 rounded down.
Outfitting: Two +5 weapons, helm, shield, one suit of +5 armor (AT 5-19), 1 Cicala, 1 Kiva, 1 Inexes, 2 Morou, 20 Akbutege, 1 Nya, and 20+1d100 gold pieces.
Languages: Iylar (8/8), Erlin (7/7), and one of the following (6/3): Shay, Taal, Kanembu, Singpho, or Loariki.
Secondary Skills: Distribute 10 ranks among the following skills: Philosophy, Play Instrument, Music, Public Speaking, Singing.

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