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Description: The Shay peoples are a stocky and hardy human race. They usually have brown hair and fair skin, with eyes blue, hazel or brown. Shay men are more hirsute than males of most other races, and are likely to let their dense facial hair grow. As most humans they are highly adaptive. Driven from their homeland in recent times, they live as nomades or solitary wanderers in search of new places to settle or bargain. Some have taken up adventuring. Some are driven by a relentless desire for vengeance, and are constantly seeking new opportunities to fight against the Vulth Horde, often with little to no regard for personal safety.

Stats: See the Master Race Chart.
Lifespan: 60 years.
Homeland: A few remote and isolated Shay settlements are still found on Vulth-Torgu. The remaining Shay survivers of the Vulth Horde are scattered across the islands of Palia.
Status: (1+2d10)/3 rounded down.
Outfitting: Two weapons, helm, shield, one suit of armor (AT 5-10, AT 13-14, or AT 17), 1 Curfalaka, 1 Milinka, 1 Taline, 20 Raman, and 50+1d100 silver pieces.
Languages: Shay (8/4) and Erlin (5/0).
Secondary Skills: Distribute 10 ranks among the following skills: Cookery, Trading, First Aid, Begging.

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