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01 – 05 Ferocious: You are a particularly violent and aggressive person, and whenever you are in a fight you always give in 110 percent which gives you a permanent +10 to all OBs and initiative. Furthermore you easily goes into a rage giving you a +30 to all frenzy rolls. The drawback is your Qu based defence bonus is modified by a special -10 (Your total defence can never be lower than 0).

06 – 10 Perfectionist: All fumble ranges are cut in half, rounded up. Disadv: When fumbles, character drops any item(s) held in hand, in addition to the fumble result on appropriate table.

11 – 15 Judge of Angles: You have an exceptional ability to judge angles and changes in the slant of relatively uniform, solid surfaces. You receive a +25 bonus when attempting to perceive traps or secret doors which are set in walls, floors or ceilings that have such surfaces. You can furthermore judge the angle of any incline almost immediately.

16 – 20 Infravision: You possess infravision and can see sources of heat up to 100’ away so long as it is dark, even invisible creatures or creatures hiding behind bushes, canvas or the like will not be able to hide form your eyes. This highly special ability does somehow affect your need for resting and requires that you rest and relax atleast 10 hours per day, if not you will be grumpy, unsociable, and irritated, this giving you a –10 modifier to anything you do.

21 – 25 Charismatic: You possess sparkling eyes and a soothing tone to your voice. Add +15 to all actions involving leadership, singing, public speaking, seduction, trading, acting and influence. Furthermore you get +15 to base attack with charm, calm and hold spells. Lamentably you suffer from a strange, exotic and incuarble form of epilepsy. Whenever a roll is made by, or directly on behalf of your character and that roll results in a natural 66, you take 1-10 hits and are stunned unable to parry for 1-10 rounds.

26 – 30 Animal Empathy: You have empathy with a type of animal of your choice and receive a +25 bonus when attempting any maneuver on or with such an animal. Prolonged association (e.g., a month) to a specific animal of the given type will enable you and the animal to mentally communicate within a range equal to 100' x your level. Unfortunately, any other animal which might normally attack the animal type you are close with will attack you upon sight (with a bonus of +25 to its OB).

31 – 35 Bull Stamina: You have a strong musculature and a square jaw, this musculature helps you ressists damage better than the strongest armor. -1 all crit severities and add 20 lbs to your bodyweight. This sturdy frame of a body gives you a almost hulking walk –20 base rate.

36 – 40 Accuracy: Character may shoot into close combat without penalties. Disadv: Double penalties for all opportunity actions.

41 – 45 Nimble Skeleton: Your nimble skeleton allows you a +20 bonus when making moving maneuvers; but, should you walk more than 5 hours without resting for at least two hours you have problems. At the beginning of each hour thereafter you must roll and, with a result of 01-25, both of your arms will fall “asleep” and be useless for 1-10 hours.

46 – 50 Resistance: +100 to RR vs poisons, +50 to RR vs diseases, -10 to all AF's on herbs. Disadv: Duration of all enhancing drugs (like oranto, ezrin etc.) are halved.

51 – 55 Tremendous Spring: Your legs have tremendous “spring” and you receive a +10 bonus for all leaping maneuvers. A vertical jump of up to 4 feet, a standing jump of up to 8 feet, or a running jump of up to 20 feet is routine. Your hand joints share this uniqueness and you receive the +10 bonus for actions involving picking locks, rowing, or pulling things with your hands: e.g. tugging on a rope or firing a non-mechanical bow. This syndrome has a drawback: whenever you strike something with your hand, you must roll. Should the result be 01-05, your hand will be “locked” and useless for 1-100 rounds.

56 – 60 Tremendous Lung Capacity: Your tremendous lung capacity enables you to hold your breath for up to 5 minutes without damaging yourself. In addition, you have twice the endurance you normally would have. Sadly, you are alergic to coniferous plants (pines, spruces, junipers, etc.) and, due to a runny nose and watery eyes, are at -20 whenever you are within 25' of such a plant for more than a minute (10 rounds).

61 – 65 Quick Concentration: An exceptional ability to quickly concentrate and focus on matters enables you prepare actions (e.g., spells, bow attacks) one round quicker than you would normally. Whenever you are attacked from the flank or rear, however, your concentration works to your disadvantage: the attacker automatically gets to ambush you and receives a 5 rank ambush skill bonus. In addition, anytime you use a concentration spell you must roll each round you attempt to stop concentrating: with a result of 01-25 you cannot disengage.

66 Blessed: You have by some means been blessed by a god or demi god. Once per gaming session, you may reroll one die roll (own die roll or other’s) that directly affects you.

66 – 70 Lightning Reactions: You have lightning reactions which give you a +5 DB, +5 OB, and +20 for determining initiative (e.g., who swings first). Nonetheless, you are plagued by flashbacks of a terrifying childhood experience centering upon some vicious projectile. Whenever you are attacked by a missile weapon you must roll and, with a result of 01-10, you will lapse into flashback state, leap to the ground, and curl up for 1-10 rounds in an immobilizing state of panic.

71 – 75 Inner Reserve: Your exceptional inner reserve allows you to withstand pain and you add +3 to each roll when determining your available concussion hits when increasing your body development skill rank. In addition, your racial max. hits increases with 50%. This strength of resolve comes from years of having to deal with a weird cronic disease. At the beginning of each week you must roll and, with a natural result of 01-02, you break out in a sweat and are covered with sores and rashes. The condition lasts for 1-10 days, during which your Appearance and temporary Presence are halved and you operate at -20.

76 – 80 Fine Wrists: Due to you fine writs, you are impeccably precise with thrown objects and have +20 bonus for throwing attacks or actions, including sweeps and throws. Unfortunately, whenever you land after a fall or leap, climb, hang, “fast sprint”, or dash you must roll. With a result of 01-02, the appendages involved “collapse” and are sprained: you are stunned for 1-10 rounds and, for 1-10 days, you are at -50 for actions involving the injured areas.

81 – 85 Quiet Stride: Your quick but quiet stride (1) gives you a +20 bonus when attempting to move silently (e.g., stalk); (2) allows you to ambush anyone who you can strike from behind, with a +2 ambush skill rank bonus; and (3) gives you a +20 bonus for balancing manuevers. This ability is due to your odd inner ears and are related to your plight: whenever you are in water or it rains and you are not in an enclosed, unexposed area, you cannot hear and you operate at -30 (but you can swim normally).

86 – 90 High Strength: You are unusually strong and have a +20 Strength stat bonus (in addition to any other). This is due to your great stature, for you are the maximum size for one of your kind. Anytime you consciously apply your strength, however, you must make a RR versus a 1st level attack (SD stat bonus) or you will apply all your power involuntarily. For example, you should develop a consciously limp handshake, for any conscious application or your grip might crush the hand of the one you greet.

91 – 95 Reroll: (Her var engang Lychantropy som er for svær at spille med, der er behov for en anden special ability)

96 – 97 Bizarre Allergy: A bizarre allergy allows you a +40 RR bonus versus spells from one realm of your choice. However, anytime you cast a spell from that realm or handle an item whose power is based on that realm, you are beset upon by watery eyes and sneezing. During the following round you roll a D100; the result is equal to the penalty you must operate with for 1-18 rounds. For example, if you roll 27 you operate at -27 for 1-10 rounds.

98 – 99 Enchanted Quality: You have an enchanted quality about you and are naturally proficient with spells. You start knowing one spell list up to the level equivalent to one pick by a character of your profession. If you are a Non-spell user or a Semi-spell user, your spell list development costs are cut in half of normal. If you are a Pure- or Hybrid-spell user, you receive 2 ranks per every point invested in spell list acquisition instead. Yet, whenever you laugh, cry, are stunned, or are bleeding, you glow with a bright red hue which is akin to the light of a campfire. Even if you are invisible, your “aura” will be visible.

100 Exceptionally Enchanted: You are exceptionally enchanted. You have a +50 RR bonus versus spells from one realm (roll: 01-40 = Essence; 41-70 = Channeling; and 71-100 = Mentalism) and a +25 bonus when casting such spells or attempting to understand and use inscriptions and items whose power is based on that realm. You are also afflicted with a peculiar fear of dark, enclosed spaces which occasionally flares up. Whenever you enter such a situation you must roll a RR (no bonus) versus a 1st level attack. If you fail, you will panic and pass into a coma for 1-10 hours. For example, you are fine outside on a dark night, but when you enter a dark cave complex you must roll. Say you succeed, but someone lights a torch whose flame then goes out; you must roll again (watch out for strobe lights).

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