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Danny Dyreven

(Erlini, Beastmaster) Mikkel Brøndum
Level: 1 * 12 Jan 6031 + 15 Aug 6054
Mottos/Quotes: “God mod dyr og planter”
History: When the young Danny joined a group of adventures in a town in nothern Rhakhaan, Danny had no idea how bad a plan this rearly was. The group was on their way to Wuliris to help a old freind called Leif to get rid of some Sulini elves attacking Leifs hometown? the route to Wulris led through the Zor Wastes and one night the party was ambushed by a raging band of mutants. The mutants was killed and driven off by the party, but poor Danny died in his tent from a fireball explotion before he rearly knew what was happening.

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