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Eigelion of the Sea

(Shuluri, Duelist) Bjarke Svaneby
Level: 4 * 03 Feb 6023 + 08 Jul 6051
Aka: Froggy, The strong, Ejgil,
Mottos/Quotes: “Ska' vi ikke lige tage det roligt hva?”
History: Eigelion came from the deep seas, a stranger in a strange world, quite unknown to the naive Shuluri, but Eigelion eventually became viser, and after many battles and adventures on the ground, Eigelion heard the call from the waves of the ocean. Determined to return home to his own element, he asked some of his friends, from other still untold adventures, to join him for the greatest adventure ever, Eigelion wanted to show his friends the wonders of the ocean, the friends agreed, and they went off to Tanara, but unknown to any of them dark shadows waited by some mountains, eventually the monsters attacked, a epic battle started, the fight was long and hard, the lugrokies was getting the upper hand, but finally Eigelion saw that his good friend Kar Lerik was in trouble, a crushed hip, and a major head wound, Kar Lerik would never have survived if not for Eigelion who boldly challenged the great Lugroki, he accepted….Now Eigelion was alone against the huge Lugroki, his friends was wounded and still fighting, the Lugroki was slain by Egielion, but at a great cost. Egilion had suffered a mortal wound, but kept fighting until the last lugroki was slain, then Eigelion collapsed, the others came rushing with magical herbs, but nothing in the world could make Eigelion live to see another day, thus Eigelion perished at a unknown field in a hostile world, far from home.

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