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Galin The Sorcerer

(Jameri, Sorcerer) Jeppe Thisted
Level: 3 * 23 Okt 6005 +13 Apr 6052
Aka:Fede, Skuret
Mottos/Quotes: “hvaa ska vi ik' snart spise noget rigtig mad!!! jeg er træt af trail rations!!!”
History: Gailin was a vise and gentle fellow in his young days, unfortunately he was quite lage, actually he was often mistaken for a fat pregnant hippopotamos, ofcurse his friends and people in general joked about this in his village; Elmbridge situated in Saralis. One day when a small mob had beaten him up for being slow he svore to become a evil sorcerer and waste this pitifull little hamlet, Gailin ran away, got a job i Cynar working at the Royal libaries, aided by a friendly priest, this fellow half elven half Larian taught Gailin to control the Dark powers of Kulthea, Gailin was quick to learn but stayed with his mentor for quite a few years, and became a very proficient and prommsing master of Unlife magic. One day this priest friend of Gailin left the library for unknown reasons, Gailin was fired from his job, but at this time Gailin was a grown man with a deep understanding of the dark powers. So in the year of 6045 Gailin returned to Elmbride and cursed the harvest, poisoned the well and frightend the small children, Gailin was driven away but he knew that the people of Elmbridge would be starving this winter and it pleased his tainted soul very much. Some years later when Gailin was at a sorceres conferance in Lethys he met a young and bold adventurer by the quite stupid name Conan!, conan had some other fellows who he travelled with some of them were Elor Blake, Olav Hansen, Ihmuld Falnderhadt, Girdon Notinar and many more. Gailin learned much of Jaiman the following years, and became even more adept in his dark skills, the rest of his companions belived that he was a skilled alchemist. Nonetheless soon Gailin met his destiny, a clever trap made to protect the tombs of Rhakhaan's former emperors proved to smart, not for Gailin who had seen and probaly figured it out, but for Gailins good friend Conan who activated the trap right in the face of poor Gailin who was utterly incinerated by a fierce blast of arcane proportions, suprisingly Conan was unharmed by this trap. This was a truly unlucky endning for a promesing carer, we all wish Gailin the best whereever he might be!

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