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Haggar Swifthand

(Garlon Man, Dancer) Jeppe Thisted
Level: 1 * 09 Apr 6027 + 04 Feb 6052
Aka: Haggar Bonehead,
Mottos/Quotes: “Fight is all I can, so wadda' ya' mean “think”!!…..huh????”
History: Haggar was a violent person, always fighting or shouting, the guys he traveled with, never rearly trusted this brutish Garlon man. One day outside Norek the party found a huge cavern, where lost treasures of immense value should be resting, Haggar was quick to venture into the dark and smelly cave, the others followed him, but were much more cautions. Suddenly a massive horde of undeads assulted the party, some bolted in terror, while other, fought for their lives, but the battle was out of control so the party decided to withdraw, Frimur shouted that the party should retreat, but somehow Haggar did not hear it, so when the rest of the party ran for cover, Haggar charged into and behind the mob of undeads and kept running deeper and deeper into the cave while he was yelling “Come and fight ya creeps” haggar didn't bring a torch so he couldn't see a thing. Nobody alive has seen Haggar since then, and it is presumed that he evntually was caught and killed by the terrors that live in this fearsome cave. Although a young woman said that she could hear someone yelling “aarrgh….when I get these…….COME AND FIGHT….creeps” a late evening in July 6054.

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