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Kier Hassum

(Erlini, Rogue) Rasmus Panum
Level: 2 * 23 Oct 6026 + 27 Mar 6052
Aka: Junkie, Hashan,
Mottos/Quotes: “hva' øhh har du en fed” “årh bare et lille bab”
History: Kier was a strange Erlini, with a voice that was very strange, mabye because Kier smoked so much grass, anyway Kier was accepted by a band of adventures and started traveling with them, the unfortunate Erlini was often stopped at the gates to Norek, but was never caught, one day the party followed a trail wich might lead them to a major treasure, unfortuneatly a vicious band of Lugrokies, sneaked in on them in the dark nights of Jaiman shortly after the Lugrokies attacked the party and quickly anihilated the group, most vent running in each direction, but Kier who was quite intoxicated did not notice that his freinds was gone, so when a huge Lugroki went over to him he just told him to be quiet, and next a huge club hit Kier in his head, so hard that his skull broke and boneshards went flying more than 100 feet. Thus died Kier Hassum.

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