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Skill virker som beskrevet i ovenstående link!

Herunder er den gamle skill tome.

Acrobatics (AG/QU)(Maneuver) Bonus for in-air maneuvers (e.g. Flying, diving or levitation) or swinging on objects. Helps reduce effects of falls.

Acting (PR/EM)(Static Action) Bonus for simulating actions or reactions of others which is to be used in drama type performances, devising new identities, etc.

Administration (RE/PR)(Static Action) Bonus for functioning successfully within any entity where record keeping, personnel interaction, and bureaucracy is present. Also useful in gaining public office and applying governmental power.

Adrenal Defence (Special/DB) Must be aware of attack. Half rank bonus versus missile attacks. Cannot wear armor or hold large objects in hands. Only weapons allowed are dagger like weapons maximum size main gauche.

Adrenal Moves En preparation round er en runde, hvor man højst kan move 1 felt i movement fasen, og hvor man har -20 til alle andre actions. For Speed og Strength gælder: -20 at bruge Adrenal skill i melee, -10 under missile attack.

-Balance (PR/SD)(Maneuver) this skill enhances the ability of the character to maintain his balance in one maneuver action (requiring balance). This skill rank bonus is added to any maneuver roll required for the action ( even if it takes several rounds)

-Landing (PR/SD)(Maneuver) A character may automatically decrease the severity of a fall by his skill rank bonus times one foot. A fall can never be reduced below 10`fall. The penalty for preparation round will be applied the round after the fall ( assuming user is alive)

-Leaping (PR/SD)(Maneuver) This allows the character to automatically increase the distance he can successfully leap from either a standing or a running start. Table 15.31 can be used, with the skill rank bonus being added. A 100% would indicate a normal leap and results above that a longer jump. If using jumping skill with this skill, the jumps difficulty rank (absurd becomes sheer fully)

-Quick Draw (PR/SD)(Maneuver) Bonus for drawing your weapon with losing initiative points from that specific weapon. No preparation round or recuperation round applies to this skill.

-Speed (PR/SD)(Maneuver) This works as the spell haste I from spell law.

-Strength (PR/SD)(Maneuver) This skill gives the user +10 OB and doubles the number of concussion hits that he delivers for the “action” round.

Advanced Math (RE/ME)(Static Action) Bonus for using higher levels of mathematics (e.g. calculus, differential equations, basic relativity, etc) You must develop an equal or higher skill rank in Basic Math.

Advertising (IN/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for successfully marketing a product or service. Must be developed separately for each culture encountered; otherwise bonus is halved for all but specific culture researched.

Alchemy (Chemistry)(RE/ME)(Static Action) Bonus for identifying and mixing various non-magical substances with relatively predictable results. Acids, itching powders, toxins, etc, are just a few of the possible results. Some combinations the GM may deem inappropriate for his world(e.g. he might disallow gunpowder or petroleum products) Allows user to know elemental composition, reactions, compounds, etc. Skill is modified -30 to -70 for lack of laboratory equipment, supplies etc.

Ambush(–)(Special) Skills ranks in Ambush can be added/deducted the crit roll made from a successful ambush skill roll and user is undetected by target. a roll of 101 or above is needed to make a successful ambush (OE) If foe is in melee combat half ranks are used. Skill do not work on Large and super large creatures.

Animal Handling (EM/PR)(Static Action) Bonus for the care and feeding of animals including bedding, hobbling, etc. Developed separately for each type of animal ( e.g. horse, hunting birds etc) This skill normally used in handling of one animal at a time.

Animal Healing (EM/PR)(Static Action) Bonus for administering medical aid to injured animals. Allows one to stabilize or repair light wounds and illness. Successful static maneuver can ( or reduce) up to 5 hits/rd bleeding.

Animal Training (EM/PR)(Static Action) Bonus for training a particular type of animal, such as Birds of Prey, Dogs, Bears, Big cats etc. Skill normally ends up taming the animal. Can train animals in to function as e.g attack dog, tracker dog, race horse etc.

Anthropology (IN/EM)(Static Action) Linguistic trends, customs, habits and cultural trends of any known races and cultures. Skill may be developed in-depth of a specific race or culture from your home world. Several diffrent anthropology races or cultures may be developed simultaneously, assuming research materials are available.

Appraisal (RE/ME)(Static Action) Bonus for determining or estimating the value of an object or goods other then Armor, Metal, Stones or Weapons. Similar skill rules applies to all but Armor, Metal, Stones and weapons.

Architecture (RE/ME)(Static Action) Bonus for designing buildings

Armor Evaluation (IN/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for determining the value and quality of armor.

Astronomy (ME/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for stellar analysis and survey. Skill is useful for aiding in divination, and detailed knowledge of stars, planets, moons etc.

Athletic Games (AG or QU or ST)(maneuver) Bonus for playing any one game primarily involving physical skills.

Attunement (EM/IN)(Staves and wands)(Static Action) This skill enables a character to use a spell abilities of a item with spell casting abilities. In order to cast spells from an item, the wielder of the item must have made an attunement roll. The process for gaining the capability of casting spells of an item is identical to that for deciphering a Rune, except that the spell on a Rune is equivalent to the spells on the item. If a character has attuned a item, that character can give a bonus (or a minus) to another person trying to attune the item.

Awakening (IN)(Static Action)(Concentration level bonuses) Bonus for being able to perform actions after being woken up. Skill DP cost: As Brawling

Basic Math (RE/ME)(Static Action) Bonus for calculating distances, angles, and applying basic principles of physics to a given situation(e.g. determining the angle of reflected light, the rate of fall of a given grade, or the difficulty of a climb without approaching or touching the obstacle)

Beast Mastery (EM/PR)(Static Action) Bonus for simple communicating and of possible, the mastering of an animal. Each specific type group of animal is developed separately. The animals that are controlled by use of this skill do not have to be trained or tame. The animal will only do what the what is within its capabilities. If the skill roll fails, the animal will revert back to its basic tendency.

Begging (PR/EM)(Static Action) Bonus for eliciting a sympathetic response from the person being begged to.

Biochemistry (IN/RE)(Static Action) Understanding and analysis of basic biochemistry and genetics for the life forms of a specific area.

Boat Pilot (ME/AG)(Static Action) Bonus for knowledge of water courses such as the locations of sand bars, rapids, waterfalls, whirlpools, currents, reefs, icebergs, vegetation clogs (underwater snags and roots) (overhead hanging branches, and vines) etc. Skill is very useful for navigating waterways. Each water course must be learned separately, or it is halved for use on unfamiliar waterways.

Body Damage Stabilize (SD/EM)(Static Action) Bonus for keeping oneself alive after being injured. This skill puts your body into a near death condition (coma) for 1 day/round before death.( Round before death is obtained from the description of the critical strike taken): Due to slowing down of your body`s metabolic rate, you will appear to be dead to all but the closest of scrutiny ( -75 from others perception) Example: Malim gets C Cold crit on 92 and he dies in 9 round. He makes a succesfull skill roll and he will now be in coma but will not until 9 days has past.

Body Development (CO)(Hits)(Special) The characters hit points is calculated this way: -Co stat bonus +10 -Weight devided by 20 ( example Malim weighs 145 pounds and get a 7 special bonus to Body Development. -Level bonus. -Rank bonus. Rank bonus is a D6-D20 depending on race per rank bought. Add these up and you will have your Hit points.

Brawling (ST/AG)(Maneuver) Bonus for using non-weapon implements as weapons and barefisted fighting. With this skill bar stools and bottles can be used as weapons.

Bribery (PR/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for offering a bribe to an official in the proper and unobtrusive manner.

Camouflage (RE/IN)(Static Action) Bonus in hiding or concealing an item or another person by using the natural attributes of the surrounding environment.

Caving (SD/RE)(Maneuver) Bonus chance for determining natural course and lay of a cavern ( passage or chamber). Bonus when attempting an unassisted maneuver in a cave. Dwarves receive an additional +25 modification to this skill bonus.

Channeling (IN)(Special) This is the skill of transmitting and receiving power between two willing individuals over any distance, provided that contact can be made. The transmitter of the power must be able to see the receiver or know his exact location (direction and distance, or specific place). The receiver must know exactly when the spell is coming. In some cases it will occur when a Cleric is on a mission and his god decides to aid him. It is permissible, however, for characters to Channel to each other It is important to note that the spells a “channelling” spell user acquires normally through worship and the use of intrinsic power points are not subject to this rule. Similarly, the acquisition of Channelling skill will not allow others to gain a “Channelling” spell user`s intrinsic spell ability. This skill applies to extraordinary channelling.

-Transmitting power points: Normally Channelling consist of transferring power points from one character to another. The sender expends the power points and multiples this number of power points by his channelling skill rank bonus expressed as a percentage. (e.g. a sender with a 60% channelling skill bonus, and expending 20 power points actually channels only 12 = 60%x20) Treat channelling abilities of greater that 100 as 100, and round down the resulting power point. This is the number of point sent. The receiving character multiples the number of points sent by HIS channelling skill rank bonus. This result is the number of points received. Power points has to be from same realm.

-Transmitting Spell: Spells may be channelled in rare cases. If the receiver is of the proper spell realm, the sender may cast spells through him. It is not necessary for the receiver to know how to cast the spell; he is not required to do any of the work. The spell is cast and the power point expended by sender. The power points are subject to same rules as Transmitting Power Points. The spell may not be cast if it depends on the receiving character to provide any of the power points; nor may the spell be cast by one individual while power points required to cast the spell are channelled by someone else.

-Burnout due to Channelling: Successful Channelling can be dangerous. Roll 1-00 and add the number of power points received (this die roll is open-ended). Subtract the skill bonus in Channelling of the receiving character. If the result is over 100, a burnout has occurred. If a burnout occurs; take the number that was above 100 multiply it by 5 and add that to a open-ended roll on the Spell failure table, Non-attack column.

Circle Lore (ME/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for manipulating and using circles in conjunction with Circles of Power and Circles of Protection spells. Also allows non-magical research in defining, identifying new “Circles” in which to add his repertoire of circle spells.

Climbing (AG)(Maneuver) This could range from the ability to climb sheer faces ( absurd), through mountain climbing (very hard), to climbing a ladder (easy) through the use of hand holds. The normal climbing rate for walls with adequate hand holds is 10`/rnd as a medium moving maneuver.

Contortions (AG/SD)(Maneuver) Bonus for manipulating one`s body in order to move through small openings or absorb sudden crushing impact (other then falls). Helps escape from onds, etc.

Control Lycanthropy (SD)(Static Action) Bonus for control of lycanthropy. (Regler diskuteres på forum)

Cookery (RE/AG)(Static Action) Bonus when detecting bad food, or preparing/neutralizing dangerous herbs and food ingredients. Includes poison preparations as well as normal cooking. The following is a partial listing of cookery skills:

  • -Baking: Turning of flour into breads, cakes, pies, etc.
  • -Brewing: Making ale, beer, cider, malt or mead beverages.
  • -Curing: Salting or preserving of food.
  • -Distilling: making of alcohol.
  • -Poisoner: Poison manufacture.
  • -Winery: Making of wines

Crafting (AG/SD/Varies)(Static Action) Bonus for particular craftman skill, such as jeweler, copper etching, cloth work, etc. Different skills must be developed separately. The following is a partial list of suggested crafts:

  • -Barber: Hair groomer and shaver og beards etc
  • -Billeting: Innkeeping duties
  • -Book maker: Binds paper into books
  • -Calligraphy: attracting form of writing
  • -Candle maker: Use of wax and wicks to make candles.
  • -Ceramics: Glazing, staning of pottery, glass, etc. and firing it in a kiln to handle it.
  • -Cooper: Making or repairing of barrels
  • -Counselor: Listening to problems and attempting to give solutions.
  • -Critic: Analysis and description of faults and merits of art works.
  • -Crocheting: See knitting
  • -Dying: Colouring of fabric and cloth.
  • -Embalmer: mummification of body after the death.
  • -Embroidering: Decorating of fabric, cloth and leather.
  • -Enameler: Use of enamel to place a hard, long-lasting surface on objects.
  • -Furrier: Turning furs into clothing.
  • -Glass blower: Turning of sand into glass objects.
  • -Guide: Pointing the way and leading.
  • -Knitting: Turning yarn and thread into cloth, using needles.
  • -Law: Knowledge of law, its application and interpretation.
  • -Masseur/Masseuse: manipulation of bones and muscle to relieve tension, etc.
  • -Messenger/Runner: Bearer of messages (written or verbal)
  • -Miller: Grinder of grains into flour.
  • -Net Maker: make and repair of fishing nets.
  • -Paper Making: Turning wood pulp into paper, reeds into papyrus, etc.
  • -Potter: Turning clay into objects.
  • -Quilting: Turning pieces of cloth into blankets , clothing, etc.
  • -Roofer: putting roofs together, and maintaining them.
  • -Sail Maker: making and repairing of sails.
  • -Scribe: One who copies manuscripts or other documents.
  • -Seneschal: Running of a household, daily routines, etc.
  • -Spinner: Turning wool or flax into thread.
  • -Stewardship: Management of land and people in the absence of the overlord.
  • -Tailoring: Turning cloth into articles of clothing.
  • -Taxidermist: Preparing and stuffing the skins of animals.
  • -Trapper: Capturing of animals either alive or dead.
  • -Tube Hollower: Hollows tubes out of stone, metal, wood, etc.
  • -Upholstery: Covering of furniture with material for decoration or comfort.
  • -Valet: Assist others in getting dressed and ready for various occasions.
  • -Weaving: Using Loom to make rugs, cloth, tapestries, etc.
  • -Wicker Worker: Use of wicker to make baskets, furnitures, etc.

Cryptography (IN/RE)(Static Action)(Academic level bonus) The skill at creating and breaking written codes. Character must study any these before he may decipher them. Treat this as a maneuver roll with appropriate difficulty (i.e. for detailed languages, such as Egyptian hieroglyphics, phenomenal, for latin, Very hard etc.)

When creating a code, the character makes a skill roll. The results determines the complexity. (Note, even the shortest and least descriptive codes can be insanely complex by virtue of their simplicity) The language or code can only be broken by a successful Cryptography roll of appropriate difficulty.

  • Total skill roll Difficulty to break code/language
  • Under 1 Mundane
  • 1-25 Trivial
  • 26-50 Easy
  • 51-75 Light
  • 76-100 Medium
  • 101-125 Hard
  • 126-150 Very Hard
  • 151-175 Extremely Hard
  • 176-200 Sheer Folly
  • 201-225 Absurd
  • 226-250 Insane
  • 251-275 Phenomenal
  • 276+ Virtually Impossible

Skill DP cost: as poetic improvisation

Dance (AG/IN)(Maneuver) Bonus when attempting to recreate a dance one witnesses. Also used to create new dances, this skill can be a factor in Magical Rituals.

Demon/Devil Lore (ME/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for recognizing, and identifying the major powers and abilities of extradimensional beings, and things pertaining to demons/devils (land, items, etc)

Dentistry (ME/AG)(Static Action)(Medical level bonus) Both the knowledge of and the ability to perform minor repair work on teeth. A character with Dentistry can pull teeth, make and implant false teeth, etc Skill DP cost: As Surgery

Detect Traps (IN)(Static Action) Bonus to detect inanimate traps or ambushed.

Diagnostics (IN/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for determining medical condition a type of creature. Skill must be learned for a particular race, or of creature. You may use similar skill for those races that are genetically close to the race you have specialized in. One must pick the skill in either general diagnosis, or diagnosis of a specific race. General diagnosis skill of 30+ allows certification of simple medical practice on all races ( use of field equipment and healing drugs). Diagnosis skill for a specific race of 30+ is required for surgical certification ( and reasonable competence)

Diplomacy (PR/IN)(Static Action) Bonus for operating successfully in a complex, bureaucratic foreign environment, such as a foreign royal court or any other large foreign government structure. Tact, negotiation, and deceit are all facets of diplomacy. Used for the conducting of relations between nations. Bonus for using the proper protocol in an unfamiliar situation and impressing a person of authority. This applies to situations ranging from an audience with the High King to an involuntary meeting with the Prince of Thieves. For operating within one`s own government system refer to administration.

Directed spells (AG)(Maneuver/OB) Spell Law makes provision for Spell Attacks Rolls with certain “elemental “ spells. ( These spells are specifically listed there, and have separate attack tables) Directed spells skill are for spells that are directed at one target.

Direction Sense (IN/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for determining which way is north or any specific direction, such as “HOME”, without the aid of navigational instruments. Skill is useful determining direction while underground, during the darkest night without stars, moon, or other night lights.

Disarm Foe, Armed (AG)(Maneuver) Bonus to remove a foe`s weapon with your own. If successful, the opponent must make an RR vs the users skill rank in this skill. Skill must be developt for each catagory of weapon disarmer wants to disarm ( 1H edged, 1h concussion, etc)

Disarm Foe, Unarmed (AG)(Maneuver) Bonus to remove a foe`s weapon with your bare hands. If successful, the opponent must make an RR vs the users skill rank in this skill. Skill must be developt for each catagory of weapon disarmer wants to disarm ( 1H edged, 1h concussion, etc)

Disarm Trap (IN/AG)(Static Action) Bonus in identifying and disarming, but not locating , an inanimate trap.

Disguise (PR/SD)(Static Action) Bonus to change one`s apperance (not his acual shape or weight) by application of cosmetics and other props.

Distance Running (CO)(Maneuver) Bonus is added to the character`s base exhaustion points to determine his total exhaustion points for movement purposes.

Diving (SD/AG)(Maneuver) Bonus for controlled falling maneuvers.

Donning/doffing Armor (QU)(Maneuver) This skill shortens the Base Time of donning and doffing armor. Each classification of armor is developed separately ( i.e. Soft, Rigid, Chain and Plate). The total skill bonus divided by 5 ( rounded up) is subtracted from the Base time. Skill DP cost: As maneuver armor.

Dowsing (EM)(Static Action) Bonus for locating underground water sources through ground. The water will be directly under your feet when the skill has successfully been used.

Drafting (RE/ME)(Static Action) Bonus to draw an item, object, blue prints, etc. This is not free hand drawing; specialized drafting equipment (squares, triangles, compasses, etc) is used in making accurate and precise drawings ( normally to scale)

Dragon Lore (ME/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for recognizing and identifying the major powers and abilities of dragons, and things pertaining to dragons (e.g. lands, items, etc)

Driving (AG/QU)(Maneuver) As in Riding, skill ranks in driving must be developed separately for different types of vehicles. Vehicles are defined as animals pulling such objects as wagons, carts, sleighs, etc. One skill rank allows basic understanding of the controls; subsequent ranks reflects increased ability and some quickness in maneuvers.

Drug Tolerance (CO/SD)(Static Action) Bonus for resisting the effect of any one type of intoxicant, poison, or other chemical substances. Bonus is applied directly to RR. Skill must be developed separately for each type of drug (e.g alcohol, poisons, etc). One need not be conscious to have the bonus.

Duping (PR)(Static Action) Bonus for speaking quickly, convincingly, and confusingly in order to get a victim to do something they would not ordinarily do. This skill is normally used on one person at a time.

Engineering (RE/ME)(Static Action) Bonus for knowing major facts about engineering of the appropriate technical level known to the culture. Similar to 1 tech level forward in time and 1 tech level/skill rank back in time.

Expertise (None)(Special) Each rank in expertise lets you fumble one lower with that weapon. ( See weapon skills for rebooted characters expertise rules)

Faerie Lore (ME/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for recognizing and identifying the major powers and abilities of faeries, and things pertaining to faeries ( e.g. lands, items, etc)

Falsification (SD/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for creation of false but believable writings or illustrations or records from scratch. It is used to falsify bank records and accounts, change testimony records to misrepresent the facts, etc. The ability to reproduce official documents, works of art, or the duplication of almost anything that is already in existence or the reproduction of a successful style, technique, procedure, trade mark, or copyright. The ability to reproduce official currency (coined or paper monies), stock and bonds.

Fauna Lore (ME/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for recognizing and identifying the major animal forms with a specific area, region and climate. May be developed either in-depth for a specific area or as general education in fauna/zoological trends. Must be decided when skill is picked. Several different regions/climates may be developed simultaneously, provided that research materials are available. See region/climate list. This skill may be used for learning about specific species as well, providing great detail on the characteristics and habits of a particular type of animal.

First Aid (SD/EM/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for applications of emergency aid or treatment (limited to type of creature) such as attempts to halt or slow bleeding or damaging deterioration. It is suggested that, provided with the proper tools or bandage, a character using first aid could stop up to 5 hits/rnd of damage without resorting to a tourniquet. Used normally in the field without the benefits of a proper medical facility or elaborate equipment.

Fletching (AG/SD)(Static Action) Bonus for making an arrow out of available wood, metal, paper, and/or feathers. Note: With this skill, sophisticated types of special purpose arrows may be crafted ( such as hunting, armor piercing, message, howling, poison bearing, etc)

Flora Lore (ME/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for recognizing and identifying the major plants forms with a specific area, region and climate. May be developed either in-depth for a specific area or as general education in flora/botanical trends. Must be decided when skill is picked. Several different regions/climates may be developed simultaneously, provided that research materials are available. See region/climate list. This skill may be used for learning about specific species as well, providing great detail on the characteristics and habits of a particular type of plants.

Flying/Gliding (AG)(Maneuver) Bonus for flying or gliding through the use of natural or artificial wings. Flying/gliding has a natural -75 for all types of maneuvers performed while trying to fly/glide if this skill is not learned or developed. (e.g. feathered wings, parachute, hand-glider, balloonist, etc.) Does not include powered aircraft of any type.

Foraging (IN/ME)(Static Action) Bonus chance of finding any local source of potable water or edible plants and animals. Includes basic food acquisition such as gathering or fishing. See region/climate list. The following is a partial list of foraging skills:

  • -Clamming: Finding and digging up of clams from beaches
  • -Fishing: Capture of fish by means of hook and line, spear or net.
  • -Hunting: Finding and killing or capturing of game animals for food or sport.

Frenzy (EM/SD)(Static Action) Bonus to attempt to go into a state of single-minded, unpredictable rage which results in an additional +30 to all OB, the ability to deliver double the concussion hit damage and the ability to take CO stat hit points extra before death. While in frenzy, you have no DB other than the armor and item bonuses, get no shield bonus and cannot parry, but cannot be stunned, forced to parry and ignores bruises. Preparation for frenzy takes one round ( with a successful roll of 175+ it`s instant). Once frenzied, the berserker will continue to fight until there is no one left standing except himself, at which time he receives a +30 to end the frenzy. While frenzied, as long as there is anyone standing, berserker may attempt ( with perception roll at -30) to distinguish friend from foe.

Gambling (ME/PR)(Static Action) Bonus when playing any game with a significant element of luck. Also includes cheating as a form of improving one`s luck at any game.

General Perception (IN/IN/RE)(Static Action) Bonus to detect, see, hear, smell, feel, taste, etc information that GM “hides” from players.

Gimmickry (IN/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for making plans for an uncommon or not yet invented item. The character does not receive materials or other essentials for the production of item (such as mathematics, laen, wood carving, etc.) The GM must approve the creation of the item for it to be included in his world.

Grappling Hook (AG)(Maneuver) Bonus when throwing a grappling hook and making it stick at the intended targeted area. The hook can be thrown 20 feet horizontally and 10 feet vertically per skill rank learned (strength mod apply)

Heraldry (ME/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for designing or recognizing a particular heraldic crest (coats-of-arms). Separate Cultures must be developed separately.

Herb Lore (ME/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for recognizing and identifying herbs.

Herding (EM/PR)(Static Action) Bonus for gathering, befriending, or manipulating hard animals. Skill normally deals with one group of animals at a time.

Hide Item (RE/IN)(Static Action) Bonus to hide an item from other beings.

Holding Breath (CO)(Maneuver)(Concentration level bonus) In many situations it is necessary for a character to hold the breath for extended periods of time (e.g. being under water exposed to noxious fumes or horrid odors, etc) The time the average character can hold their breath for CO temp stat/20 minutes. The holding breath skill increases this time by 2 rounds per skill rank. Skill DP cost: As Body Development

Horticulture (RE)(Static Action) Bonus for growing flowers, fruits, fungi and vegetables.

Hygiene (CO)(Static Action) The skill of keeping oneself healthy and well groomed. Hygiene covers all personal health habits and activities (i.e., washing, brushing teeth, hair care etc.) With this skill, a character can modify their Appearance bonus by +1 per skill rank of Hygiene, both up or down. A character who develops Hygiene also adds +2 per rank to their Resistance Roll modifier versus disease. Skill DP cost: Half Body Development DP.

Hypnosis (PR/SD)(Static Action) Bonus for placing a willing individual into a trance where they are responsive to suggestions. An unwilling individual`s natural RR is doubled. Once under, the individual can be told to forget that they have been placed under hypnosis. The individual can also be primed to perform some type of task which is triggered by a word, a gesture, a person etc.

Iai (QU)(Maneuver) Bonus for performing an Iai attack draw. The skill of Iai is a quick-draw technique to get a weapon from scabbard into battle very quickly. Iai is used only on bladed weapons. If user rolls 101+ the weapon is out without any penalty to initiative. The round blade is drawn the normal rules of no parry apply.

Interrogation (RE/AG)(Static Action) Bonus for extracting information from an intelligent source. This may or may not include causing discomfort to the target, though a +25 bonus is received if the target is discomforted. However, if the target may suffer a major injury or death. In such a case, the target should roll a RR vs level 10, using SD/CO as a modifier to determine the extent of the injury. This skill not only applies to torture but also includes the ability to piece together scattered fragments of information received.

Intimidation (PR)(Static Action) This skill sways a foes thoughts and intentions. By use of words or physical threats, whether employed or implied, a character attempts to change his opponent`s view on a subject. Upon success the foe makes a RR versus the number of ranks the character has in Intimidation, treated as levels. Subtract 100 from the total skill roll and divide the result by 5. This is the RR penalty for the foe. +20 if forced is used, +1 per hit point. Skill DP cost: As Seduction

Juggling (AG/IN)(Maneuver) Bonus for tossing objects and manipulating them in such a manner as to keep them up in the air.

Jumping (ST/AG)(Maneuver) Bonus for jumping maneuvers either running or from standing position.

Lancing (ST/AG)(Maneuver) Bonus for using complex Lancing (mounted) maneuvers, such as tilting, skewering rings in a tourney, etc.

Leadership (PR/RE) This skill may be used to rally fleeing allies within 30” that failed a fear roll. If 176+ add 25 to the fear roll. If below zero all allies who made the last fear roll must check for fear again. If a fleeing allies fails his fear roll again he can't be rallied again.

Leather Working (AG/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for working with hides and creating leather goods (e.g. leather armor, bolas, etc.) The following is a partial listing of leather crafts:

  • -Cobbler: Making of shoes and boots
  • -Saddler: Making of sadles and other horse trappings
  • -Tanner: Turning hides into leather.
  • -Tooler: Decorating leather with imprinted designs and colouring them.

Lie Perception (IN/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for determining if one is being lied to. Acting skill on the part of the liar is a negative modifier.

Linguistics (NONE)(Static Action) This is the skill of languages. Has to be developed as spoken and written. See tome of races for the local description.

Lip Reading (IN/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for reading lips and sign language. Lip reading is only possible with the languages that the lip reader knows and then only to the known rank of spoken. For every 1 foot increment beyond 20 feet, subtract 2%. Line of sight must be maintained with the subjects mouth. Skill is halved for reading the lips of creatures not of same general type.

Loading (EM/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for packing loads and placing them on pack animals to insure safe passage of the loads and to reduce the stress and strain on the pack animals. Loading must be learned as a separate skill for each type of animal that the individual uses as pack animal.

Locate Secret Opening (IN/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for spotting hidden openings.

Lock Lore (ME/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for recognizing and identifying major forms of lock and similar devices. Bonuses for knowing the type of lock encountered are given in table 15.32 ChL p 36

Looting (QU)(Static Action)(General) If a successful skill roll is made 101+ the user can swap an item that have been rolled by another party member before loot is piled. If more then one has looting skill, highest roll choose first. Skill DP cost: As Brawling

Magical Ritual (RE/ME)(Static Action) Bonus for enhancing a spell effect or duplicating a spell effect outside of normal spell resolution parameters (e.g. no power points expenditure) GM`s are warned that this skill can be easily abused. GM`s should understand how magic works in their world before implmenting this skill. Magic Rituals are not for hack-and-slash campaigns. Think of celtic witches incantations or shamanistic dances and you have a good idea how this skill works. (Other skills can complement this skill such as herb lore, dancing, demon/devil lore, poetry and singing to make chants, etc) Be imaginative.

Maneuvering in Armor (QU or AG)(Maneuver) Skills has to be developed in each type of armor Soft, Rigid, Chain and Plate. Ranks continue to award 5 rank bonus after 10 ranks.

Martial Arts Strikes (ST/ST/AG)
Martial Arts Sweeps (AG/AG/ST)
Vi besluttede at se bort fra Weapon Kata og vedtog følgende regler på regelmødet 27/1

Til hver af sine Martial Arts Ranks 1-3 (Strikes Rank 1-3 og/eller Sweeps Rank 1-3) må man tilknytte én af nedenståedne Martial Arts abilities. Hver ability kan kun vælges én gang inden for Strikes og én gang inden for Sweeps. Nogen gange vil man måske vælge at angribe med Strikes Rank 1-3, fordi man vil bruge den tilknyttede ability, selvom Rank 1-3 ikke slår så hårdt som Rank 4.

-Increased First Swing Points: For hver 5 man vælger at trække fra OB, får man +10 i initiativ med Martial Arts.

-Engaging Multiple Foes: Man må vælge at angribe to fjender i samme runde med -20 OB til begge Martial Arts angreb. Man skal have front mod mindst en af fjenderne.

-Multiple Attacks Against the Same Foe: Man må vælge at lave to angreb på en fjende i samme runde med -30 OB til begge Martial Arts angreb.

Mapping (RE/ME)(Static Action) Bonus for using and making maps. This skill is also used for surveying.

Mechanition (RE/AG)(Static Action) Bonus for building and using a machine that already exists. It will be necessary to have the appropriate skills to build the machine. Each type of machine must be learned at a separate skill.

Meditation (Varies)(Varies) Bonus for entering, leaving, and exploiting meditative trances. Physical prodding allows one to make a static maneuver to leave trance, as does a painful strike (modify by +25). Elves recieve an additional +25 modification to this skill bonus. The following are sub forms of this skill and each must be developed separately.

-Cleansing(SD/EM)(Static Action) Bonus for purification ritual to help remove outside energies and influences that linger on a object, item, person, etc. The use of this skill enables the user to rid himself of touchof curses and hexes. Skill must be used within 5 minutes/rank level of Cleansing in order to benefit the user at all. Otherwise the only way to be cleansed is from spell or a person with a higher rank in cleansing.

-Death(SD/PR)(Static Action) Bonus to cause oneself instantaneous and painless death

-Healing(SD/EM)(Static Action) Bonus for increasing one`s healing rate. The individual using this skill goes into a coma. Healing rate is increased/decreased by the amount the skill bonus roll over 100 as a percentage times the racial healing rate.

-Ki(SD/PR)(Static Action) Bonus for achieving a special +25 bonus on any activity attempted using concentration and the focusing of internal reserves. If the user roll 101+, +25 is added to any such activitythe next round. However this skill require 75% activity the round attempted.

-Sleep(SD/IN)(Static Action) Bonus for decreasing the amount of time one needs to fully recover. The sleep time is increased/decreased by the amount of the skill bonus roll over 100 as a percentage times racial sleep requirement.

-Trance(PR/SD)(Static Action) Bonus for an individual entering, leaving and exploiting a mental trace which the individual can use to help solve difficult problems, increase his chance to successfully cast a spell, aiding in attunement rolls, etc. ( subject to GM stipulation)

Metal Evaluation (IN/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for determining the value and quality of metal objects in worked refined or raw condition.

Metal Lore (ME/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for recognizing and identifying metals, alloys, metallic crystals structures, etc. Also will give information on famous, magical artifacts, historic, legendary, or cursed types of metals. Skill lore is developed separately for each culture or region as applicable to GM`s world scheme.

Midwifery (EM/ME/IN)(Static Action) Bonus for delivery and caring for newborn babies.

Military Organization (PR/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for organization of a military forces, not actual deployment into battle which is tactics. includes knowledge of how to billet and supply a unit, posting of watch , running of patrols, etc. The following is a partial listing of types of military organization:

  • -Aerial Forces: Air Cav, aerial assault forces, etc.
  • -Ground Forces: Infantry, Cavalry, or other similar types of units.
  • -Marine Forces: Marine, Merchant Marine or other similar types of units.
  • -Naval Forces: Sea, Ocean, or other similar water type units.

Mimicry (IN/SD)(Static Action) Bonus for imitating various sounds.

Mimery (AG/SD)(Static Action) Bonus for imitating various actions.

Mining (RE/IN)(Static Action) Bonus for assessing the possibilities of mining in a area, and supervising the creation and running of the mine. Each type of mining process must be learned as a separate skill. The following is a partial listing of types of mining process:

  • -Dredging: Scrapings of material off the bottom of a river, ocean, etc.
  • -Open Pit: Removal of top layers to extract materials.
  • -Quarry: Removal of material in block form
  • -Tunneling: Making of underground passages to extract materials.

Missile Artillery (IN/AG)(Maneuver/OB) This skill bonus is part of the total combat OB applied when using catapults, trebuchets, or ballistae, or other missile artillery. Each weapon must be learned as a separate skill . One third similar skill bonus may be used on all unlearned artillery types.

Mnemonics (ME/SD)(Static Action) Bonus for recalling information ( Photographic memory)

Music (AG/EM)(Static Action) Bonus for writing music language which other musicians can understand and use.

Navigation (RE/IN)(Static Action) Bonus for determining proper directions and distances when using a map in conjunction with various directional aids, such as compass, a landmark, or the stars. This includes the concept of orienting, and is applicable on land, water or the stars. Skill must be developed separately for each planet or dimension it is used on.

Painting (IN/AG)(Static Action) Bonus for painting an object or picture.

Philosophy/Religious Doctrine (ME/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for recognizing and identifying major aspects of philosophy or religious doctrines. Each philosophy/religious doctrine may be concentrated in and learned separately for indepth knowledge and understanding.

Physics (RE/ME)(Static Action) Understanding of forces, energy, etc.

Picking Locks (IN/RE/AG)(Static Action) Bonus for locking and unlocking locks and similar devices.

Pick Pockets (AG/IN)(Static Action) Bonus for picking pockets. If successful, the content are lifted and the skill bonus is applied against the victim`s perception.

Planetology (RE/EM)(Static Action) A general science embracing the fields of geologic, meteorological and geographic analysis in a planet wide context, concentrating on sweeping environmental systems.

Play Instrument (AG/ME)(Static Action) Bonus for playing an instrument. There are three major divisions of instruments: Strings, Winds and Percussions. When this skill is selected to be developed, the major division must be assigned at this point. Each instrument within each division must be learned as a separate skill. Similar skill rule between major play instruments divisions.

Poetic Improvisation (IN/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for composing a poem. Must have 4 skill ranks in the language the poem is being written in with a +10 bonus if composer has 7 ranks or more in the language.

Poison Lore (ME/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for recognizing and identifying poisons, as well as knowledge of proper application and usage techniques.

Poison Perception (IN/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for perceiving the presence of poison in/on an item or object.

Pole Vaulting (ST/AG)(Maneuver) Bonus for handling a pole to surmount or cross over an obstacle.

Portaging (–) A character may develop a certain number of portaging skill ranks to increase his Max. capacity. The number of ranks a PC can develop is equal to his (St bonus)/5: Max. portaging ranks = (St bonus)/5. Portaging kan ikke bruges sammen med negation af armor Qu penalty (se Armor Qu Penalty).

Power Perception (Realm Stat)(Static Action) Bonus for seeing active Essence (blue), Channelling (red), and Mentalism (green) magics. If the GM allows players to develop the skill of power perception he should stipulate that detect magic spell will detect magic, active or inactive ( e.g. waiting spells)

Power Projection

Prepared Shot (SD/In)(Special)(Concentration level bonus) This is the ability to more precisely aim a missile or thrown weapon in a combat situation. The target must be de selected at the time skill is declared The warrior must prepare for atleast 2 rounds. This skill is developed normally with a +10 bonus per extra round of prepared (+50 max) and with a penalty equal to the amount the target has moved measured in feet during this preparation.

Propaganda (PR)(Static Action) Influencing others through indirect means, rather the direct speech. Includes such ideas as starting rumors, as well as designing large campaigns.

Public Speaking (EM/PR)(Static Action) Bonus for impressing, entertaining, or manipulating of groups of people directly.

Racial History (ME/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for recognizing and identifying major periods, events and people of a specified race. Each different type of racial history must be learned as a separate skill. Either in-depth knowledge of a specific culture or general knowledge of multi-cultural socio-historic backgrounds may be developed.

Rappelling (AG)(Maneuver) Bonus for rapidly descend from height. If the rappelling roll is unsuccessful, the individual has a chance of falling. Rappelling rate is equal to the individuals`s normal movement rate: walk +0, fast walk/jog -10, run -20, fast run/sprint -30, fast sprint -40, dash -50. Negative modifiers due to speed apply.

Read Tracks (IN/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for identity a given set of tracks. Detailed information about the tracks can be obtained, such as type of creatures, age of track, weight of creature, speed creature moving at. back tracking, etc. This skill is used for identifying thr tracks and the skill Tracking is used for following the tracks.

Region Lore (RE/ME)(Static Action) Bonus for knowing the ins and outs of an area or region. Each different type of region must be developed as a separate skill(e.g. mountain zone, jungle zone, large city, etc.)

Reverse Strike (AG/RE)(Maneuver) Bonus for applying one`s melee OB against an opponent to one`s flank or rear without turning or changing position. In such a situation, the applicable OB is the normal OB times the skill bonus as percentage, can never exceed normal OB.

Riding (AG/EM) Hvis man sammenlagt har 100 eller mere i Riding skill, har man sin fulde OB i nærkamp og med afstandsvåben. Hvis man derimod har mindre end 100 i Riding skill, er OB skaleret ned med Riding skill som en procentdel. Hvis man ikke har en fri hånd, har man -30 til Riding skill (et skjold kan dog bruges med -10). Armor kan også trække fra Riding skill. En warhorse, items m.m. kan omvendt give bonus til Riding skill.

  • Movement sker på rytterens initiativ og giver både hest og rytter -30 initiativ.
  • Rytteren har sin normale DB.
  • Polearm våben (lanse, spyd, javelin) må bruges i én hånd.
  • En kamptrænet warhorse må angribe i samme runde, som rytteren angriber.
  • Hvis hesten er Large kan hverken den eller rytter blive pinned i nærkamp (ingen free hack).
  • Rytter har rear/flank men en Large hest har ikke rear/flank.

- Charge

Man tæller som charging, hvis man i samme runde har bevæget sig længere end hestens Baserate direkte hen til en fjende, som hesten kunne se i sin 90° front før bevægelsen. Charging giver en Charge Bonus til OB med nærkampsvåben, som fremgår af Riding Movement tabellen.

- Riding Movement Table

Riding Skill Roll Resultat Maximum Movement Charge Bonus Polearm Charge Bonus
-26 or less Blunder Special/GM 0 0
-25-04 Absolute Failure 0 0 0
05-75 Failure 1x Hestens Baserate 0 0
76-90 Partial Success 2x Hestens Baserate +5 +10
91-110 Near Success 2.5x Hestens Baserate +10 +20
111-175 Success 3x Hestens Baserate +20 +40
176+ Absolute Success 3.5x Hestens Baserate +30 +60

Rope Mastery (ME/AG)(Maneuver/Static Action) Bonus proficiency in knot recognition, knot-tying, braiding, and splicing, or when making a maneuver while suspended from a rope or analogous flexible line, or when throwing a line. Allows one half skill ranks in grappling hook.

Rowing (ST/SD)(Maneuver) Bonus for self-powered boat maneuvers, including rowing, poling, etc.

Runes (EM/IN)

Sailing (AG/IN)(Maneuver) Bonus for sailing maneuvers.

Sanity Healing Lore (ME/EM)(Static Action) Bonus for recognizing and identifying major insanities (including manias, phobias,depressions, dementia, etc.) and attempting to heal or correct them. Must be developed either in-depth for a specific race or in general trends of multi-cultural racial makeups. Several races may be developed simultaneously provided research materials are available.

Sculpting (IN/AG)(Static Action) Bonus for making of 3D art forms through molding of malleable material or the carving of hard material.

Scrounge (IN/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for being able to come up with the location of a particular needed item, part or ingredient. This skill is normally used in urban type setting. THis does not cover locating of food or water. See foraging

Seconds Aid (SD/EM/IN)(Static Action) Bonus for performing minor surgery, which includes, sewing closed wounds, removing diseased or mangled limbs, bone setting and any other simple minor surgery operation.

Seduction (EM/PR)(Static Action) Bonus when attempting to emotionally, sensually, or sexually manipulate someone.

Sense Ambush (IN/RE)(Static Action) Bonus to detect animate traps, ambushed or assassination in progress. Range is 10`per skill rank known.

Sense Reality Warp (IN/RE)(Static Action) Bonus to determine if the natural order or reality has or is going through turmoil, (e.g. Demonic Gate opening or closing, power fluctuation which is disturbing or causing the fabric of this dimension to shift, holes in the space-time continuum)

Set Traps (RE/AG)(Static Action) Bonus for setting traps. Traps can be lethal or non-lethal.

Siege Engineer (RE/IN)(Static Action) Allows the user knowledge of conducting all aspects of a siege. Includes proper and best positioning of siege weapons, determining weaker portions of a wall ( for siege weapon assault and/or sapping), basic engineering knowledge for building ramps, digging trenches and horse traps ( for opposing cavalry), etc.

Signaling (ME/SD)(Static Action) Bonus when using any form of signal communications. This skill is specialized form of linguistics and linguistics guidelines apply.

Singing (PR/IN)(Static Action) Bonus for attempts to mimic tunes and vocalized notes. This skill is specialized form of linguistics and linguistics guidelines apply.

Silent Kill (AG/IN)(Maneuver) Bonus for striking an opponent silently. If successful, the opponent cannot ry out or sound alarm. This skill does not include the approach to the opponent, and is rolled prior to the attack roll.

Skating (AG/SD)(Maneuver) Bonus for skating maneuvers.

Skiing (AG/SD)(Maneuver) Bonus for skiing maneuvers.

Skinning (AG/IN)(Static Action) Bonus for removing, preserving and caring for animal skins.

Smithing (ST/AG)(Static Action) Bonus for working with normal metals to create or repair desired objects (e.g., horse shoes, metal ornaments) The following is a partial listing of smithign crafts:

  • -Armorer: Making of iron or steel armor.
  • -Blacksmith: Making of small iron wares, such as horse shoes etc.
  • -Bronze Smith: Working and casting of bronze
  • -Copper Smith: Working and casting og copper.
  • -Etcher: Decorating of metals.
  • -Fire Starting: Starting of fires.
  • -Foundry: Casting, rolling, cutting and spinning of iron.
  • -Gold Smith: Working of gold into ornamental and functional items.
  • -Iron Smith: Making of iron wares
  • -Silver Smith:Working of silver into ornamental and functional items.
  • -Tin Smith:Working of tin into ornamental and functional items.
  • -Tooler: Making of metal tools.
  • -Weapon Smith: Making of iron or steel weapons.

Spacial Location Awareness (IN)(Static Action) Bonus for allowing one to be aware of his surroundings without the aid of eye sight. SLA applies against the -90 for non-sight, to a maximum of +10. It also applies to audio-visual perception within 1`/bonus point radius of the perceiver, which is also the range of the skill. This is also the skill that is used for blind fighting. Fighting blind is -90. So if user has a skill of 90+ he has no penalty for fighting blind.

Spell List Acquisition (Realm stat) The bonus for for aquiring spell list Vi bruger reglen fra Character law side 49. Dog får man sin realm stat med i “skillen” Dvs at før man kan udvikle i spell list nummer 2 på en lvl skal man have 100% i den første. Dvs 100 i total ( ranks + stat + evt specials ) Pures kan købe base alle deres lister som B picks. Semi kan købe base som B picks og open som A+C picks. Non spell users køber open som A picks

Spell Mastery (Realm stat)(Static Action) Bonus for manipulating spells on users own spell lists. Spells cannot be manipulated in range, targets, area etc. It can manipulate colour, shape, sound etc. (e.g. Argaton Sax changes his ice bolt to a dark colour and to make no sound, so the other guard will not hear his fellow guard get hit, if the crits kill him instantly that is. Or Argaton Sax wanna fire a lightning bolt that has the shape of an eagle. Or if he wanna make his fly spell give him small wings.) Or make a small dragon head above his own that fires out his firebolts. Be imaginative!

Sprinting (QU)(Maneuver) Bonus increase to one`s speed.

Stalk & Hide (AG eller SD)(Maneuver) Stalking is the ability to move using silence, camouflage, and shadows to conceal your presence, while Hiding is the same ability used when not moving.

Star-Gazing (ME/IN)(Static Action) Bonus chance of determining dates, directions, and locations when the stars are visible. Provides an ideal complement to one`s navigation skills. Must be developed separately for each planet.

Stilt Walking (ST/AG)(Maneuver) Bonus for maneuvering on stilts.

Stone Crafts (AG/SD)(Static Action) Bonus for working with stone and creating sculptures, writings, or any other form of inscription or relief. The following is a partial listing of stone crafts:

  • -Brick Maker: Making of bricks
  • -Gem Cutter: Cutting and setting of stones and gems.
  • -Masonry: Making of building, bridges, roads, etc from bricks and stones.
  • -Stone Carving: Carving of stone.
  • -Stone Cutter: Cutting and shaping large stones from a quarry.

Stone Evaluation (IN/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for determining the value and quality of stone objects in worked, refined or raw condition. This skill is also used to evaluate gems.

Stone Lore (ME/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for recognizing and identifying stones. Also will give information on famous, magical, powerful, historic, legendary or cursed types of stone. SKill lore is developed separately for each culture or region as applicable to GM`s world scheme.

Streetwise (PR/IN)(Static Action) Awareness of events in underworld and the ability to make contacts with the characters who run and live in the underworld society.

Stunned Maneuvering (SD) Man slår skill +1d100 open ended -10 for hver runde man er stunned, og hvis man kommer over 100, er man ikke stunned i den runde. Hvis man ikke kommer over 100, er man stunned en runde mere.

Subduing (Ag/Qu)(Maneuver) This skill allows an individual to immobilize or render unconscious a target by applying a sharp blow to a precise point on the victim’s upper body. The foe is assumed to be “of kind” (usually humanoid) and not “Large” or “Super-large.” The OB of a subduing attack can not exceed the attacker’s Subdual skill bonus (e.g., a Fighter with an OB of +120 and a Subdual bonus of +70 would only be able to apply a +70 OB to his attack). Instead of rolling criticals on the Critical Table indicated by the Weapon Attack Table, the Subduing Critical Table should be used.

Surfing (AG/SD)(Maneuver) Bonus for surfing maneuvers

Surgery (SD/EM/IN)(Static Action) Bonus for performing major surgery, which includes performing exploratory surgery, organ transplants, acupuncture, and organ and limb repairs. Use of this skill is done with simple equipment (e.g. scalpel, anesthesia, hemostats, respirators, etc.) Option: Must be developed separately for exploratory, organ, transplants, limb repair, organ repair, etc.

Surveillance (IN/SD)(Static Action) Bonus for keeping watch over a person, place or object. Also includes the ability to determining the best approach and technique in solving a crime.

Swimming (AG)(Maneuver) Skill rank 1 will prevent the character from drowning in water over his head.. Further skill ranks will enable the character to make headway against a current, to stay afloat for longer periods of time without touching the ground, to swim longer distances, to move faster in water, and to make maneuvers in the water. For this skill armor maneuver penalties are tripled.

Symbol Lore (ME/RE)(Static Action) Bonus on manipulating and using symbols in conjunction with the appropriate symbol spells. Also allows non-magical research in defining and identifying new “symbols” in which to add to his repertoire of symbol spells. For these purposes “symbols” refers to Symbols or Glyphs.

Swiftness (None) Udvikles i et specifikt våben (fx 2H sword) og angrebs initiativ med dette våben forhøjes med 1 per Swiftness skill rank. ⅖ For Non spell users, ⅜ For Semi spell users, 5 for Pure spell users.

Tactical Games (RE/ME)(Static Action) Bonus for playing games which contain very little chance element, such as Chess or GO. Skills for different games must be developed separately, but normally if the player develops more then one game, he may receive bonuses for similar games.

Tactics (RE/IN)(Static Action) Bonus for perceiving and planning appropriate and effective strategy in a tactical military situation. Various tactical situations must be developed separately. Each type of tactics must be developed as a separate skill. The skill roll over 100 is the negative modifier applied to another trying to figure out your tactics. The following is a partial listing of types of tactics:

  • -Aerial: Fighter and bomber tactics.
  • -Battle Field: Cavalry and infantry tactics.
  • -Naval: Ship and boat tactics.
  • -Sabotage: Underground/behind enemy lines tactics.
  • -Siege: Reduction of fortified position tactics.
  • -Small Unit: Conflict between small groups
  • -Strategic: Overall campaign tactical picture.

Tale Telling (PR/ME)(Static Action) Bonus for reciting histories. The skill rank number equals the number of tales that you have committed to memory. GM`s may wish to assign names to each of these tales and the search for new tales could lead to possible adventures.

Tightrope Walking (AG/SD)(Maneuver) Bonus for maneuvering along narrow surfaces.

Time Sense (IN/ME)(Static Action) Bonus for determining the time of the day or how much time has passed over a specific time period.

Tracking (IN/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for tracking maneuvers and following of a trail left by someone or something such as foot prints, broken branches, crushed grass, hanging pieces of cloth, etc. The skill Read Tracks gives the tracker the significant details of the track.

Trading (RE/EM)(Static Action) Bonus for transactions involving a bargained exchange of money or goods, particularly with respect to rolls on purchase or resale price charts found in the chart section in Skill Tome.

Trading Lore (ME/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for recognizing and identifying major products and business distribution patterns (e.g. if you buy this and take it over there can it be sold for a profit.)

Transcend Armor (Realm Stat)(Static Action) Allows user to attempt to overcome the ESF modifier due to the wearing of armor. A static maneuver, if successful allows the user to apply his skill modifier against the penalty incurred by the wearing of armor, including helm.

Trap-Building (RE)(Static Action) Allows building traps out of available resources. Bonus of trap-maker may subtract from any detection rolls, depending on location, care and time in construction, and trap type.

Trickery (QU)(Maneuver) Bonus for any maneuvers involving slight of hand; confusing sight tricks and slight-of-hand diversions.

Tumbling (AG/SD)(Maneuver) Bonus for horizontal dives, rolling, vaulting maneuvers, or swinging on stationary objects. Also used to decrease the damage one takes from a fall. A character could fall safely up to 1`/skill bonus point if successful maneuver roll is made.

Tumbling Attack (AG/ST)(Maneuver) Bonus for attacking a foe without losing the -30 iniative for moving in combat situations. If a successful maneuver roll is made on maneuver table is made, user can tumble attack percentage of users base rate into combat.

Tumbling Evasion (AG/QU)(Maneuver) Bonus for moving out of combat and being able to if successful use full base rate. A skill roll on maneuver table will show how many % of total base rate user can move out of combat. The move need to be away from foe`s. If failure user is prone at the feet of foe.

Two Weapon Combo (ST)(OB) Bonus for using two weapons in combinations. Ranks above 20 does not in TWC give multiple attacks

Undead Lore (ME/RE)(Static Action) Bonus for recognizing, and identifying Undead/Unlife.

Use/Remove Poison (AG/IN)(Static Action) Bonus for handling, caring and storing of poisons. Allows individual to use poison without accidentally poisoning himself or rendering the poison useless.

Ventriloquism (SD/IN)(Static Action) Bonus for throwing one`s voice so that it seems to originate from a point of the ventriloquist`s choice. Range is approximately equal to 5`/skill rank.

Warding Lore (ME/RE)(Static Action) Bonus on manipulating and using wards in conjunction with the appropriate ward spells. Also allows non-magical research in defining and identifying new “wards” in which to add to his repertoire of ward spells.

Weather-Watching (IN/EM)(Static Action) Bonus for determining local weather for next 24 hours.

Weapon Casting (ST)(Maneuver) Weapon casting allows character to hurl his weapon. Each weapon is developed separately. Casting a weapon incurs ranged penalties, a character`s skill bonus offsets them. After the penalty and skill bonus have been added, the result is applied to the OB for the strike. This skill can only be used to negate range penalties.

Weapon category 0-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50
1H Edged -30 -60 -120 -275 -600
1H Crushing -40 -80 -175 -375 -800
2-Handed -70 -140 -300 -600 N/A
Pole Arm -60 -120 -250 -525 N/A
Missile -50 -100 -210 -450 N/A

Skill DP cost: Warrior-type 1/4 Pure Arms Users 2/6 Semi-spell user 5/10 Pure spell user 20

Weapon Evaluation (IN/RE)(Static ACtion) Bonus for determining the value and quality of a weapon.

Weapon Skills (ST or AG)(OB) Bonus for using weapons in following categories:

  • -1H Edged
  • -1H Crushing
  • -2H Weapons
  • -Throwing
  • -Missile
  • -Pole-arms.

Any combatant with 20 or more ranks in a weapon skill are allowed to split his OB in two and make two attacks in the same round. If 30 or more ranks he can split it in 3 and so forth… Some exceptions exist: In missile attacks it is assumed the shooter fires more arrows from one string, thus no more than two arrows can be fired in one rund. Crossbows cannot fire multiple arrows. Thrown weapons can not make multiple attacks (but one could throw a weapon and attack if enough ranks in both skills). Two Weapon Combo does not not allow multiple attacks as it's already a multiple attack. Expertise level in weapon categories are reached when user have 25 ranks in a category, user will then fumble 1 lower (minimum of 2, if not already 1) in that weapon category. And then after each 10 ranks 1 more is deducted from the fumble range in the weapon category. (e.g. Argaton Sax has 35 ranks in 1H Crushing so his morning star now fumbles on 06 instead of 08.)

Wood Crafts (AG/EM)(Static Action) Bonus for fashioning any object out of the required amount of wood, bone or similar material. The following is a partial listing of wood crafts:

  • -Carpentry: Cabinet maker
  • -Cart Wright: makers of carts, wagons and other similar vehicles.
  • -Building Wright: Construction of buildings from wood.
  • -Lumbering: Felling of trees.
  • -Ship Wright: Building of sea going vessels.
  • -Wheel Wright: maker of weels
  • -Wood Carving: carving of wood.

WoW: Pain (SD)(Static Action) A successful roll will let user ignore bruises. Any penalties user has from wounds will be deduced from skill and a roll of 101+ is needed for success. DP cost: as second weapon skill

WoW: Unconsciousness (SD)(Static Action) A successful roll will let user keep fighting when below 0 hit points. Roll of 101+ is needed for success. DP cost: as second weapon skill

Yado (QU) (Maneuver) Bonus for using the body(hands, etc) or a weapon or a shield to deflect or even catch a thrown weapon or missile directed at the user. To determine the effect of such an attempt roll (Open-ended) add the Yado skill bonus. Then refer to Movement table . User “Extremly Hard” column against thrown weapons and the “Sheer Folly” column against missile weapons. If the result is a number, it is subtracted from the weapon`s attack roll ( in addition to the normal DB).In a given round, the user may attempt to deflect 1 thrown or missile attack for every 5 skill ranks of Yado skill. All missiles must be in the user`s field of vision; each deflection attempt must be rolled separately, and the user must split his Yado skill bonus them. Yado categories are 1H edged, 1H concussion, 2H weapons, Pole arms, TWC and unarmed!

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