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Ran Tairi

Ran Tairi ('Broken Mist') is the heart of the Empire of a Thousand Dawns and is inhabited by Loari, Linæri, and Erlini elves.

The island is a mix of dense forests and rolling hills with many fertile fields. Where there is forest, the weather is typically tropical with day temperatures warm-to-hot and warm nights all year round. In other parts of the island the climate can be temperate with seasonal variations, especially around the northern coastal areas.

King Rænedor rules the island from the ancient city of Ketharia which is also capital of the Empire, a trade port, and a military stronghold. The inner city is fortified, and the Elven-king resides in a massive palace built into the mountainside overlooking the city.

Diaskar is primarily a Linæri city, and is notable for its many gardens and low, unobtrusive structures.

There are no other large urban settlements, but many small towns huddled around fortified castles, ruled by nobles.

As a general rule and with some notable exceptions, travel into Ran Tairi by anyone except full-blood elves is not permitted, unless the group is accompanied by an official elven guide.

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